Ville Sans Souci Chalets
Santo Antonio do Pinhal-SP


Ville Sans Souci, a charming and special place.

Sans Souci is a French term meaning unworried, and this is how we wish you to experience this privileged place.

We are located in the town of Santo Antonio do Pinhal - SP, a beautiful mountain resort by its own right, in a rural region, 5km from town through an asphalted road, and it is an Environmentally Protected Area. It is ideal for those who want to be close to Nature and wish to relax and recharge batteries. Trekking around the area promotes a feeling of well-being, there is exuberant green sites, the birds' symphony is unrivalled.

We have a small number of bungalows, which allows the personalized treatment you deserve. The bungalows are furnished in good taste, and maintained with loving care. The linen we use is a special one and cleaning is careful.

The cozy fireplace brings warmth to cold nights, and if you like to watch a good movie, it is also possible that you find in our film collection that title you would like so much to see or watch again.

During the warm days from November through March, the swimming pool with two Jacuzzi spots is pleasantly located and was designed to provide relaxing moments.
At winter time, small groups can enjoy the fire-pit, where the warmth brought by the fire, the conversation and good music will bring hearts together (booked in advance).

Sans Souci incorporates a specific schedule for the Birdwatching practice and also a Pottery Studio, where you can get to know a bit about this art through techniques developed for high temperatures and the traditional Japanese techniques of Raku and Raku Nu.